Networks (as equivalent to graph theory in mathematics) provide a useful language for describing complex systems, where structure of connection among different interacting entities constituting a system is important. Various toolboxes, mathematical/theoretical and computational, to clarify complex networks, from algorithms to detect particular structure of networks to methods and indices with which to understand dynamics on and of networks, have been developed particularly in the past two decades.

Led by Dr Naoki Masuda (Bristol) on behalf of ENCORE Network+, this workshop will focus on engineering applications of netoworks and included a series of presentations ranging from relatively theoretical ones (related to engineering theory/applications; e.g control) to ones on practical engineering problems (e.g, project management) and discuss more of potentials of network science in engineering. 

Confirmed speakers included:

Jitendra Agarwal (University of Bristol)

Wei Koong Chai (Bournemath University)

Christos Ellinas (University of Bristol)

Orestis Georgiou and Carl Dettmann (University of Bristol

Vincenzo Nicosia (Queen Mary University of London)

Eiko Yoneki (University of Cambridge)

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