Title: Shaping new research into how micro behaviour creates macro resilience using agend based methods in large sectors. 

Date: 17th January 2017

Time: 11am- 16:00

Place: Cranfield University Building 111, Lecture Room 11

Contact: liz.varga@cranfield.ac.uk/encore@sheffield.ac.uk

This event developed a large research proposal intended to address the question of “can local behaviours explain macro system resilience?” We are especially interested in applying agent based models (ABM) because of the method’s ability to represent self-organisation at the micro level and emergent phenomena at the macro level. However artificial systems are often designed with an architecture in mind, so we want to explore the value of ABM hybridisation with methods such as Network Theory or Game Theory to deliver greater insight into why micro behaviours and interconnections lead to macro system resilience but is contingent upon top down structures.

The proposal was targeted toward large sectors such as infrastructure, complex engineering projects, and city systems.  The intention was to identify a number of use cases which will be used to find the rules of behaviours and underlying mechanisms which lead to resilience (or not).  These use cases might include: Search and Rescue; Integrated Transport Infrastructure, Multi-Stakeholder Projects; Stock Markets and Supply Chains.  These systems can be particularly vulnerable to uncertainties and disruptions, because of multiple agents (institutions, regulators, professionals, public users, etc.) and environmental, technological, political, etc. changes.

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