Our goals for the impact of the Network can be described through a set of key deliverable and intentions: 

  • Structured and coherent post network expert community creation, incorporating the early career network, that will be long lived and build upon the momentum developed by the network and its expansion towards industrial organisations to both advance our understanding of risk and resilience in CES and stimulate the development of new products and services; 
  • Agenda for identifying risk and building resilience into CES key projects identification including a research roadmap for identifying risk and building resilience into CES in some/all identified sectors;
  • Recommendations for policy makers regarding large CES which have potential for societal impact without consideration of the network’s insights; 
  • To have an immediate impact upon reducing risks in CES through the development of a training programme for leaders in CES in risk and resilience for inter‐dependent systems; 
  • To expressly embed the outcomes of the large amount of work already funded in the broad field of complexity science, multidisciplinary optimisation and uncertainty treatment, such as the complexity science for the real world network, the Uncertainty Quantification and Management in High Value Manufacturing KTN and other projects, into the domains of Complex Engineered Systems and Uncertainty Quantification to create real world products or services through the industrial partners.

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